The Story of LCE

LCE-Lighting Consulting Engineering was established in 2011 which is one of the manufactures of LED Street Lamps in Kosovo. Brought about by our strong passion and fearless enthusiasm to provide customers with the best innovative technology, we succeeded and become one of the most reputable lighting companies that customers trust.We provide the most efficient LED Street lights or lamps that can be used for public lighting to roads, bicycle tracks, streets, sidewalks, parking spaces, footpaths, LED Bulbs and others. We highly prioritize the quality of products that we offer to our customers. We assure you that our products are made up from premium components crafted in EU.

What We Do

LCE have a team of LED Street Lighting to design, develop and manufacture our own luminaries and offer a superior range of production and service including street light and high bay. We can offer a full service of simple supply only and we keep in mind that products need to meet all EU requirements when we start the design process. We also realize Consulting and Engineering, work on lighting projects and then implement these projects in the necessary spaces or roads. Our led street lights, supermarket Lighting and LED Bulbs are tested in credible, recognized laboratories and throughout the product development process, they go through rigorous performance testing too.



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